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Enjoy a “I know what to cook for dinner!” week. We would love to hear your feedback on the sample “Free Weekly Meal Plan”.


This “Free Meal Plan” will give you a good idea of what a meal plan could look like.

One Weeks Meal Plan + Shopping List includes:

  1. 5 recipes: tasty, easy to prepare
  2. Tips for the week (to help you shop and save time)
  3. Consolidated shopping list (it means we use limited ingredients so you don’t over spend on your budget)
  4. Bonus Recipe – dessert.

We tailor our meal plans according to seasonal ingredients and seasonal preference. In summer our meal plans reflect lighter meals and salads. In winter the meal plans include soups and comfort foods.

This sample meal plan is not based on any season, it’s just an indication of what a meal plan might look like. Please feel free to use our samples or create your own in few easy steps. Meal Plan Options…

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