Custom Meal Plan

Making your Meal Plan:

  1. Select the recipes you would like in your Meal Plan from the drop down list. (You can also add recipes directly from the recipe page by clicking on add to meal plan)
  2. Drag the recipes to the desired location
  3. Delete any unwanted recipes by clicking the Bin.
  4. Select servings
  5. Generate the shopping list – it will ask you for matric or US imperial – click the tick once you are happy with the selection – SA choose matric).
  6. Check the shopping list below and tick of any items you already have at home. Add any items you might need in addition to the generated shopping list.
  7. Shop once per week and enjoy making dinner.
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February 22
Day 6628
February 23
Day 6629
February 24
Day 6630
February 25
Day 6631
February 26
Day 6632
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